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The native look and feel of this format produces a great UX and high CTRs

>> Supports all GEOs, devices, operating systems, and browsers

>> Google compliant

>> Large exit button means no mislead.

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Native recommendation widgets are sponsored stories delivered in the form of fully customizable images and short texts.

>> Good for users, good for advertisers, and used by top sites across the world.

>> Ads shown only once every 24 hours, maximising revenue and conversion.

>> Flexible rates (CPM/CPC).

an ecosystem of advertisers
and content creators


Start your targeteted advertising campaigns with the Kwanza Ads Network. Less than 15 minutes setup!

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Traffic you can trust

We have many filters in place to ensure no bot traffic will see your ads.

control your ad Timing

Control your Ad Timming

Want to drive in store walk-ins btn 12 and 2pm? Run your campaigns at this specified time to achieve that and more.

data management planning

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Develop accurate consumer insights quickly and effectively thourgh our integrated DMP.


Join the Kwanza Ads Network to monetizng your website and turn your audience into a money making machine!

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maximum advertising revenue

Maximized Advertising Revenue

A reliable source of advertising campaign traffic to keep your audiences engaged and revenue recurring.

positive user experiences

Positive User Experiences

Get the right balance between having ads on your website and a great user expereince for your audience.

Minimized operational cost

Minimized Operational Costs

Easy plug and play integration into our ad network, with maximum visibility on our real time dashboard.

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Jul 01, 19

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Quick launch of your account and Ad Campaigns

From 15 minutes from the start of registration until the approval of your campaigns by moderation.

Traffic volumes from 1 Million unique impressions per day

This will allow you to work fully without feeling high competition for a bid in your chosen geo.

Trading Under CPM pricing models for all Ad Formats:

- Native ads;
- Push Notifications;
- Inpage Traffic;
- Popunder.

Own anti-fraud solutions

Get handpicked traffic and real users!


I want to promote my brand

I want to monetize my site


Get access to Local and international advertisers

For all geo, platforms, devices.

Monetize your contents

Turn your visitors into a money making machine

Google compatible formats and wide selection:

- Native ads;
- Push Notifications;
- Inpage Traffic;
- Popunder.

API full customization of ad units

Add our 100% local inventories to your platform

Get access to a realtime dashboard

Get visibility of your revenue, campaign passing through your property and much more

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