Native Ads in 2021: Skyro—Āketing Growth for Publishers and Advertisers
Jul 01, 19
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A new year is coming, as well as new challenges and great goals for 2021. You will most likely hear about new placements of Native ads together with fresh integrations within the platform. What is going to make the upcoming year completely different from previous years is the growth potential.

With the outstanding Kwanza inventory that is serving more than 1M impressions daily, it is expected to be easy to win the market from early dates in January.


Q: Let's get started! What is the main trend that will be ongoing in 2021? 

A:  Well, 2020 is a year of working almost without crucial insights. All large platforms are limiting access to data insights and forcing advertisers to rely only on their machine learning. What's important, Kwanza provides both opportunities: cutting-edge algorithms deliver the best-suited audience, and each Advertiser can use their knowledge and prior experience when setting and updating campaigns.   

Q: What current trend will be striving in 2021?

A: As long as managers will need HQ traffic, their main goal will be to find a converting audience and optimal price. Whatsmore, this trend will be remarkably widespread. Understanding the audience and customer journey will be a key factor for success. Lots of hard work will do algorithms, AI, and systems by itself. So, media buyers will need to look closer at how users interact with their product:

1. How long customers are deciding to take action on your LP?

2. Where do they interact with your brand?

3. What additional information they need before taking action?

4. What are the key measuring metrics on each step of the customer journey?

5. Why will they buy from you? What are the principal benefits of your offer?

Q: How about automation? Any changes expected?

Believe it or not, even more, processes will be automated. Most of them aren't even noticeable from the Advertiser’s perspective but are crucial for the whole ad-serving process. The better platforms, as Kwanza aims to work with data and signals from the potential customers - the happier Advertisers urge to be in the end. As more qualified leads at the cheapest price, they would be able to acquire.

Q: Kwanza serves Push, Native, In-Page, and Pop traffic. What changes do you expect in the diversification among ad formats?

We expect a 100%+ rise in lavishing Native spending. Owing to intense competition, Push ads continue to be in the top list of sources of splendid traffic for media buyers. Talking about In-Page and Pop, I speak highly of these formats and would endorse exploring them with a personal manager, as there are lots of profitable sources, but they are a bit different for verticals. 

Test each format by themselves, or all at once, and don't forget to put your best creatives forward. The more diverse your campaign structure along with banners is, the more you are differentiating from your competitors while growing your impact and leads.

Q: Is there something exciting for Native in 2021?

The industry is evolving, and those changes will continue to happen in 2021. In 2020 spending on Native Advertising has risen to $52,7 billion, as for 2021 - it is expected to increase by 46% in revenue, which is impressive but not surprising. During interviews, users say they'd rather learn about a new product from a friend or at least content than from the advertising.


In Kwnaza Native Ads is a highly-converting traffic type, not to mention more than a thousand site-owners, who are providing first-class traffic for our media buyers. We, as the other stakeholders in the market, foresee more than 50% arise of Advertisers' campaigns and revenue, which it'll generate in 2021.  

Q: From the Publisher's perspective, can you outline some golden opportunities to be aware of?

That's a very good question! There is some time left to create a strategic plan for the 2021-2022 season, so let's explore top-of-the-line publisher opportunities in ad-tech.

On the rise

The native tends to win the game eventually by enhancing its impact on Advertisers' plans and strategies. Being the first-choice for contextual and brand safety, Native ads are about to continue to grow in popularity. Even though premium websites are adding Native banners on main pages, not all Advertisers are spending Native budgets. And it's going to change the market the next year.  

Increasing CPMs

What happens with the inventory when the competition gets higher? Firstly, Publishers earn more, and it's a continuous trend for 2021. Working hard on improving experience and results within the platform, we, at Kwanza, are planning to deliver even more value to our Publishers in the upcoming year. Secondly, from the Advertisers view, it means that strong competition between Publishers will lead to a more stellar quality of leads and higher ROI generally.

Boosting business

What is the pain point of each advertiser on Earth? It's to create stable, scalable, and deeply personalized ads. Publishers usually can aggregate one or two different types of audiences at their sites. So, to scale up, they tend to manage multiple sites on different domains. Is it good? It's awesome! Advertisers could reach an even more engaged audience. 

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